Did you create an automation and haven't had any events yet?

In this article, we will discuss the five main possible reasons why your automation has not yet processed any events

Look at each one carefully. The solution might be simpler than you think. 😉

  1. Account Authentication
  2. Recommendations/Warnings
  3. 15-Minute Wait
  4. Retroactive Data
  5. Event with Failure


Account Authentication 👌

Did you correctly connect your tools?

The first step in creating your automation on Pluga is the authentication of the accounts of the tools you want to integrate.

Each tool has its own interface, and you should pay attention to the particularities of each.

Some authentication processes are simpler, where you just need to enter the tool's login and password. Others ask for more specific data, like access keys, tokens, or URLs.

To make it easier, we always provide a complete step-by-step guide showing what you need to do to authenticate your account properly. 

So, always follow the steps available on the blue button (as shown in the image below) with calm and attention.


Therefore, if you haven't had any events yet, it's possible that some step in the authentication of the tools you want to integrate is missing.

It's worth going back a few steps and checking. 

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Recommendations/Warnings 📢

Did you configure your tools as necessary?

For some automations, after the account authentication step, we include a "Step 2" called "Make sure that you are in the right way". 

It's very important to read the information on this step carefully, as they are recommendations for your automation to work correctly.

Here's an example:

It's important to pay close attention to this page and the step-by-step guide we mentioned earlier.

If you're not sure you've followed all the steps in the tutorial, we suggest that you reconnect your account. To do this, read the article "How to reconnect your authenticated app account".

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15-Minute Time Frame 🕒

Have you waited the 15 minutes?

After creating the automation, the average data processing time is 15 minutes.

Therefore, we suggest that you wait at least this amount of time to verify the functioning of your automation.

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Retroactive Data ⏪

Did you have new events after creating the automation?

It's important to note that Pluga does not capture retroactive data. ⚠️

Therefore, one of the reasons your automation might not have processed events yet could be the absence of new events after its creation.

To check, we suggest that you wait for a new event in your source data tool (for example, an approved payment, a created lead, or a new line filled in the spreadsheet) and see if it will be captured.

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Failed Event 💔

Have you checked your History (Log)?

Captura de tela 2023-11-27 161840.png

All events processed in your automation are recorded in the "History (Log)", and this is where you should look for your processed events here at Pluga. 

If you are not sure where it is, check out the article "What exactly is the History (Log) and how to access it?".

It can happen that Pluga processes your events, but they failed for some reason. To know what to do in this situation, see the article "How to fix a failed event?".

This could be another reason why the information has not reached the data destination tool.

If you check all these steps and still have no events in your automation(s), open a ticket with our support team, sending an email to "support@pluga.co".

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Still have questions?

If you still have questions, just request assistance and our support team will contact you within a few hours ;)

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