What is exactly the History (Log) and how to access it?

The History (Log) is where you can see all your events processed from the last three months.

Accessing it is quite simple! Just follow these steps:

  1. In your Pluga dashboard, click on My Automations:

  2. Then, click on the right side of the automation on History [Log]:

  3. Ta-da! You will then see your processed events:

  4. If you want to view the Log of a specific event, just click on Details:

  5. You can also search for a specific event in the search box:

  6. When you click on an event, you will see on the left side all the information coming from the source tool and, on the right side, what we sent to the destination tool:



If you still have questions, just request support and our support team will contact you within a few hours ;)
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