How to change my company's registration details for issuing an invoice?

If you are a paying Pluga customer and want to update your company registration details for invoicing, you should follow the steps below:


    1. Access Your Dashboard and click on the "My Account" option:

    2. Then click on the "Finance" option in the left-hand column, or you can click here to go directly to it:

    3. In this section, you will see the option to change your "Billing Contacts":

      Oh, and you can also add more billing emails!

      Here’s what each email will receive:

      - The first registered email will receive the electronic invoice  and the bill;
      - All other additional emails will only receive the bill.


    4. Scrolling down a little further, you will see the "Customer information" area where you can update your registration details:

    5. After updating your details, just click "Save Changes" and you’re done! Your next electronic invoice will be issued with the updated details.


Still have questions?

If you still have questions, just request support and our support team will get in touch within a few hours ;)

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