What happens when your trial ends?

After signing up at Pluga, you get 7 days to try our service for free (we call these days the Trial period).

During the Trial, you have access to the functionalities of an Ultimate plan, which allows you to use:

  • up to 40 automations (including common, premium, and original ones);
  • up to 12,000 events;
  • custom fields;
  • filters.

In other words, it's a good "test drive" to see how much Pluga can help your company automate operational (and tedious) processes. =) 

After this period, you have the option to continue with the free plan or subscribe to one of our paid plans. 

By subscribing to a paid plan, you get access to all Pluga features (including custom fields and filters), as well as premium automations, original automations, priority support, and a dedicated queue for processing your events.

If, during your Trial period:

  • you created 4 common automations;
  • or created a premium automation;
  • or had 200 events processed.

In all these scenarios, you used more than the estimate for the Free plan.

You might be thinking...

"Ah, but I don't feel it's time yet to move to a paid plan."

So, what will happen:

  • If you have a premium automation [or more than one], we will deactivate it;
  • If you have more than 3 common automations, we will deactivate the most recent ones that exceed the limit, keeping up to 3 common automations in your account. Oh, and you can perfectly access your dashboard later to choose which ones you want to keep active. ;)
  • If you exceeded the limit of 100 events allowed by the Free plan, we will continue to capture your source events. However, these events will be stored in the dashboard with “Held” status and you will be able to resend them upon subscribing to one of the plans or waiting for the cycle to restart.

To learn more about our plans and prices, you can click here: Pricing Page



If you still have questions, just request support and our support team will get in touch within a few hours ;)

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